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Pharaohs Jasmine Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Jasmine

Named after the jasmine flower, the Pharaoh's Jasmine hookah stands at 15 1/2" inches tall with modern shaft that displays both a matte black and glossy finish through the entire stem.

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Pharaohs Jasmine Hookah

As you can expect with Pharaoh's, this hookah will have a wide gauge downstem giving you smooth draw and easy clouds. The downstem can utilize different diffusers like the silicone version, to quiet down your session and make your inhale even smoother.

On top of the hookah itself, you'll also be getting some Pharaoh's accessories! This hookah will come with an Egyptian style hybrid hookah bowl that features a unique hole placement along the interior rim of the bowl and works well with most brands of shisha tobacco.


The Jasmine can be enjoyed for single hose sessions, but it can easily turn into a 2-hose as well! Pick up a Pharaoh's Autoseal Hose Adapter, unscrew the extra hose port valve, screw in the hose adapter and you'll be ready to start smoking with friends!

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