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Pharaohs Legacy Reve Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Legacy-Reve

The folks over at Pharaoh's have released their newest "Legacy" line of hookahs, and we are definitely intrigued! At first glance, there's one thing that is painfully obvious about this hookah: it is MODERN. And we're not talking "kind of" modern, but full on futuristic looking.

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Pharaohs Legacy Reve Hookah

Standing at 24 1/2 inches tall, the anodized aluminum stem boasts an outer "mesh" design that surrounds the inner stem and rests atop a threaded glass base.  The base itself is nothing to scoff at either, as it features beautiful glass work that we can only describe as a "diamond" pattern.


The aesthetic design of the Reve hookah is not the only reason why it's futuristic. This piece is packed FULL of features that help set it apart from other modern hookahs. Starting from the top, you'll receive a silicone and glass Pharaohs Flo phunnel hookah bowl.


This bowl contains a "lip" around the edge that makes it compatible with most heat management devices (such as the Kaloud Lotus Plus).


Moving on down, the coal tray is 8 inches in diameter and contains raised "grooves" that help keep your charcoal from blacking out when in the tray by allowing proper airflow around the coals when resting in the tray.


Next is the "hub" of the hookah. Rather than a typical purge valve that you would find on most other hookahs, the Reve contains a hidden "vertical" purge that is seated between the outer "mesh" and inner stem on this pipe.


Keeping in line with the purge valve, Pharaoh's installed a more streamlined hose adapter. Seated directly in the side of the hub, this hookah allows for a "direct silicone hose attachment," which means your silicone hose tubing will plug directly into the hookah.


Speaking of hoses, the Reve will include a high quality, "soft touch" silicone hookah hose with a matching anodized aluminum hose handle. Because this hose is silicone, it is completely washable and resistant to flavor ghosting, ensuring a fresh session every time.


And lastly, the down-stem. While the main "body" of the hookah is made of anodized aluminum, the down-stem that extends into the water in your base will be made of high quality stainless steel. Stainless steel down-stems are renowned for their resistance to rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance of course).


At the bottom of the wide gauge down-stem sits a detachable diffuser that helps you achieve a smoother pull with less "rumble." Not a fan of how it smokes with the diffuser? No problem! It easily unscrews so you can take it off, based on your preference.

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