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Pharaohs Oasis Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Oasis

Are you looking for a jet black Egyptian style hookah? This color is always at the top of our customer request list and the Pharaoh's team heard your demands. We'd like to introduce the Oasis model which stands at 31" and includes a unglazed Egyptian style bowl, matching hose, and a sleek glass base.

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Pharaohs Oasis Hookah

The Oasis shaft by itself could be used as a workout tool with the solid weight that it carries, but it also provides a steady foundation on any flat surface. The Pharaoh brand creates hookahs for a comfortable smoking experience, which is why they equip all of their hookahs with a wide gauge hose port.


Each shaft will display unique engraving details around the central hub, while showing off multiple solid curves throughout the upper shaft. The Pharaoh's team utilizes a combination of machine and handwork to ensure that a quality product is produced with consistent manufacturing.


You can use almost any style of bowl from your collection on this traditional bowl port, and smoke travels smoothly through the wide opening at the top of the stem. The matte finish exterior won't show stains and requires very little to achieve a clean stem; it only takes a simple rinse under warm water before the start of your next session.


These hookahs are built to last and feature the use of a heavy stainless steel metal to ensure a rust free lifetime with standard maintenance. The gold capped downstem will allow the use of a diffuser to quiet down the rumble and make each inhale smoother. 

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