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Pharaohs Saghir Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Saghir

Featuring Pharaoh's signature swirled base design, the Saghir hookah is a sexy little smoke machine that's ready to party and travel!

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Pharaohs Saghir Hookah

The threaded shaft screws into the base, making for easy, air-tight seals, and removes the need of using a base grommet. At just 13 1/4" tall the Saghir falls into the mini-hookah category, but don't let its small size fool you! This is one feisty smoke machine that's ready to make some serious thunder clouds. 


The Saghir base is available in a variety of different colors. Each base is uniquely swirled, ensuring that whichever color you choose, you're going to get a one-of-a-kind creation. In addition to the beautiful splash of color added to the clear base, it also incorporates a subtle twist pattern which shimmers in the light, and aids your grip when holding the base. 

The shaft has two threaded ports (Pharaoh's 2.0 system). If you'd like to add another hose, simply unscrew the purge valve and add a Pharaoh's Autoseal Hose Adapter (not included). The 6' long hose has a lathed wooden handle with a metal tip, and is matched to the color of your hookah. The ceramic hookah bowl is also color-matched to the hookah vase. 

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