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Regal Crown Coal Tray

SKU: BTO-Tray-Regal-crown

Regal hookahs is hooking us with their latest creation that will add some style to your gorgeous wooden hookah, and provide more space for ash. The Regal hookah team takes the same metal used for their hookahs to craft a sleek matching coal tray designed for their shafts.

Color: Black
In Stock
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Regal Hookah Crown Coal Tray

  • Tray width: 8 3/4"
  • Height: 2 3/4"
  • Center opening: 1 3/8"

The anodized aluminum tray provides a matte black finish that won't fade on you and you'll never have to worry about rusting. Each tray will feature a engraved logo to match the center hub of your Regal shaft. These trays are not included with our Regal hookah packages, but they can be purchase to swap out and upgrade from previous Regal trays.

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