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Regal Melech Redwood Wooden Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Regal-Melech-Redwood

The King is here, hurry up act busy! In ancient Semitic culture the word Malech translates to King, and this big boy lives up to the title. Standing at 29" this all natural Redwood shaft is handmade in California, and shines as one of those popular color choices amongst fans.

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Regal Melech Redwood Hookah

The Redwood Melech stem contains two solid wooden sections with multiple curves and symmetrical details separated by a metal divider. The red exterior of the Melech typically displays a blend of both dark and light red tones, with a varying pattern.


The high quality redwood material is selected by the Regal team from reclaimed trees. This eco-friendly hookah manufacturing process has been the rule since their start over a decade ago. Each Regal shaft receives multiple coats of speciality sealant l to preserve the wood, and protect your stem from harsh weather and stains.


We do not recommend using any abrasive cleaning material on this glorious exterior, just spot clean as needed with a damp cloth.


The Regal stems feature a matte black anodized aluminum for the central hub and bowl port, as well as the stem divider. These metal component are crafted to perfection with the use of CNC lathe machine, and won't suffer from the effects of rust or corrosion. The castle top design of the purge valve provides a fast and effortless clearing of the smoke within your base.


Regal hookahs are built with wide gauge stainless steel downstems, and they're perfect for that traditional rumble but alost for a smooth inhale. Regal smoke sessions create minimal restriction depending on your packing method and water level within your base.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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