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Regal Queen Wooden Hookah Shaft

SKU: BTO-Shaft-Regal-Queen

Regal hookah shafts are hand-lathed, featuring beautiful wood and anodized aluminum stems. The Queen model featuring a single piece of hardwood available in multiple colors: Pine, Nutwood, Redwood. The full height of this stem measures at 28" and should be paired with our large hookah base options.

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Regal Queen Hookah Shaft

Regal hookahs have been enjoyed by the hookah community for their unique wood finishes and the overall smoking experience they produce. The wide gauge downstem creates a smooth and open airflow with traditional rumble for a relaxing session.


At the top of your stem you'll find a traditional bowl port that can use several bowl designs and you can use just about any style of hose with the wide open hose port. When you are ready to upgrade to not only the highest performance but also want a truly beautiful hookah shaft, the Regal Pine Queen is the perfect choice.


This Regal shaft is sold by itself, meaning you will have to add a hose, bowl, tray and vase, if you want to build it out as a complete hookah. From the top of the grommet to the end of the downstem is 9 3/8", so make sure you have a tall enough vase for the Regal shaft; it will fit the standard 1.75" diameter vase opening.


Your Regal Queen hookah shaft will come with a base grommet. This is a stem only package with no coal tray.

Note: These reclaimed wood stems may be slightly different in shade, grain, and color than those pictured.

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