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Shishabucks Cloud Micro Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Shishabucks-Cloud-Micro

Shishabucks took the hookah community by storm when they released their exceptionally modern hookahs, and we couldn't be more proud to officially carry their products! Arguably one of their most recognizable models, the Cloud Micro hookah packs expert craftsmanship, a futuristic design, and high quality materials all into an extremely portable, compact package.

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Shishabucks Cloud Micro Hookah

A hookah from your dreams has just crash landed in front of you. Don't just stand there, let's get the party started. The Shishabucks Cloud Micro is true around our office.


Crafted from CNC machined aluminum, the metal "body" of this piece has been sand-blasted and anodized to create an exterior finish that is not only resistant to rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance), but to flavor "ghosting" as well. This means that flavors you smoked previously will not absorb into or be retained in the down stem. 


The square metal body of the hookah will rest atop a thick, acrylic base for your water. You heard me right folks, the base on this hookah is durable, shatter resistant acrylic instead of glass, so if you accidentally knock or drop the base, it will be much less likely to break as compared to more traditional glass pieces.


The acrylic "cube" base features an ultra-wide opening that leads to one our personal favorite features of the Cloud|Micro: portability. All parts of this hookah will completely disassemble and are designed to fit neatly inside the base. This, combined with the included carrying bag specifically designed for the Cloud Micro, means it is easier than ever to store or travel with your hookah.


Starting from the top, the traditional style, "inside-fitting" bowl port allows a variety of hookah bowls to be used with this piece. Shishabucks created the metal Sky Bowl (sold separately) for their hookahs, however any bowl we carry will fit great on the Cloud Micro!


For the detail oriented hookah smokers, you may notice the lack of an exterior purge valve on this piece. That's because Shishabucks has created their patent-pending 4-corner "invisible" purge system!


Covertly hidden in the 4 corners of the hookah as to not ruin the aesthetic "lines" of the cube, all you need to do is gently blow into your hose to "purge" any stale or harsh smoke out of the base.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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