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Shishabucks Cloud Stick Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Shishabucks-Cloud-Stick

Shishabucks' engineering, precision, and modern mindset continues to shine in every piece we see come out of their collection, and the Cloud Stick is no exception. Taking a more traditional approach with this hookah, they offer smokers a simple, minimalist design that provides exceptional cloud production.

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Shishabuck Stick Hookah

This is what it's been all along, a STICK. Designed in Canada and manufactured from CNC machined, brushed stainless steel, the metal "hardware" on this pipe is heavy duty and provides excellent durability. The properties of stainless steel make this hookah resistant to rust and corrosion, with proper maintenance of course.


Resting at the top of the Cloud Stick is a heavy, stainless steel charcoal tray and bowl port combo. The "inside fitting" port allows you to use a wide variety of hookah bowls with this pipe. In fact, any hookah bowl we carry will work just fine with it!


At the bottom of the down stem sits a hookah diffuser that comes pre-included from Shishabucks. Just twist the diffuser to the very bottom of your down stem, and it will help disperse the smoke/air into smaller bubbles, resulting in smoother and quieter shisha sessions.


They also installed a ball bearing inside the diffuser that seals your stem and prevents water from blasting into your bowl if you accidentally purge too hard.


Keeping in style with their minimalistic, modern designs, Shishabucks includes a simple, clear glass base with this package so you'll be able to easily see the smoke in your chamber and your water level without fuss.


While they did specifically design this base for the Cloud Stick, the stem will fit on any large sized, traditional hookah base that is 10-12 inches tall and has an opening of 1.75-2 inches in diameter (such as large Khalil Mamoon bases).


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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