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Shishabucks Stratus Heat Management Device

SKU: BTO-Misc-Shishabucks-Stratus-Regular

Consisting of cast aluminum and finished with chrome, this accessory takes all the "guess work" out of managing your hookah and shisha flavors. Designed to replace aluminum foil entirely, this accessory helps keep ash out of your bowl, resulting in cleaner, more accurate flavor profiles than you would normally get from traditional foil. Also acting as a "wind cover," the Stratus protects your coals from wind or excess airflow, keeping them lit for longer.

Color: Silver
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Shishabuck Regular Stratus HMD

Creating an effect similar to an oven, the Stratus will provide consistent heat that evenly cooks your shisha tobacco flavors from all sides. This ensures even, uniform flavor throughout your session.

The "base" of the Stratus features 3D "circles" that help keep your charcoal elevated and ensure proper airflow, meaning all sides of your coals will stay lit at all times. No more having to flip or move them just so they won't die out!

The top lid slides smoothly over the bottom part of the HMD with just enough clearance for you to easily rotate it using the heavy duty, heat resistant silicone handle.


The top and bottom pieces come together in such a way that creates several vents, allowing you to utilize multiple ranges of heat. Do you prefer lower heat sessions?  Just leave the top lid entirely off to allow more heat to escape.


Or are you wanting to blast your bowl with higher heat? Close the vents all the way to really trap and concentrate the hotness. With the adjustable vents, the Stratus HMD lets you custom tailor your heat level to your ideal smoking preference.


Shishabucks also installed a locking mechanism that is activated by gently turning the top cover until it locks into place with the bottom piece. This allows you to pick up and carry the entire heat manager just by the silicone handle, even with hot charcoal inside! While the Stratus securely locks together, we always recommend being extremely cautious when moving hot charcoal to try and avoid any accidents.

And last but not least, it allows a wide range of bowl options to use. While it was specifically designed with the Sky bowl in mind, the Stratus will work great on any HMD compatible or "lipped" bowl. Not sure if your bowl will work with a heat management system? Contact our friendly customer service team and we'll be happy to help!

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