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Silicone Hookah Diffuser

SKU: BTO-Misc-Diffuser-Beamer-Silicone

Tired of how loud your hookah smoke sessions are sometimes? Every single time you take a pull the entire hookah shakes from all the bubbles. This silicone diffuser stretches to fit any size hookah downstem and reduces noise during your hookah session.

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Silicone Hookah Diffuser

Diffusers are an amazing hookah accessory for those who would like their smoke sessions to be a bit more quiet. With every draw when smoking you hear the "rumble" of the bubbles as smoke and air is drawn through the downstem, into the base, and up into your hookah hose. This rumble noise can be annoying at times, and diffusers serve to quiet them down.

Your average plastic hookah diffuser will fit on most downstems, but they won't fit all downstems. The Beamer Silicone Diffuser solves this problem, providing you with an elastic diffuser that will stretch to fit any hookah downstem.


As air and smoke moves from the end of the downstem and into the water of the base, their volume creates that loud noise and slight shaking we call the rumble. With some hookahs the shaking and vibrating of the hookah from the rumble can be so great that the hookah will move around on whatever surface it rests.

The Silicone Diffuser works by fitting onto the end of the hookah's downstem and filtering the bubbles immediately as they exit the downstem and enter the water. The diffuser breaks up these bubbles into much smaller bubbles, reducing the noise and shaking affect they have on the hookah.

Add a Beamer Silicone Diffuser to your hookah set-up and experience the peace and quiet of rumble-less smoking experience.

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