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Smokezilla Baragon Aluminum Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Smokezilla-Baragon-Au

You can get all of the best of the best features in hookah ingenuity with the Baragon! The sleek design of the aluminum stem carries down into a uniquely shaped modern base. A twist-to-lock base connection on the hub means no more grommets. What else you say? How about a molasses catcher to prevent excess juice from going into your stem? Goodbye harsh smoke!

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Smokezilla Baragon Aluminum Hookah from Germany

In addition to the perfect size the Smokezilla Baragon aluminum hookah scores, especially with its uniquely shaped base with the engraved ornaments. With a traditional feel overall, the modern design of the base gives the Baragon a steady footprint.  All metal components are made of high quality aluminum and are therefore durable and easy to clean.

The hose ports are available to use on the hub when smoking with your companions. The hub also features a twist-to-lock connection to the base so you don't have to worry about messing with base grommets. 

The screen/chimney heat management device ensures optimal heat distribution with the included natural clay tobacco bowl by allowing you to perfectly regulate the temperature of your tobacco. A molasses catcher on the top of the stem ensures that tobacco and molasses can no longer get into the stem and base, preventing harsh smoke.

Also included is a soft-touch, silicone tubing washable hose with an aluminum handle that comes with a spring to prevent the hose from kinking. 

Note: This hookah features 18/8 connections. Simply put: metal-to-metal connections. With compatible hoses and accessories this means no grommet is needed as a tight fit/seal is still made. However, all hoses will still work with a hose grommet. 

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