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Smokezilla Hookah Hose + Bazooka

SKU: BTO-Hose-Smokezilla-IceHoseTip

Smokezilla COOLIN Ice Bazooka + Hose Set.

✓ COOL COMPLETE SET - The Smokezilla Coolin Set includes an Ice Bazooka + a hose set consisting of a soft-touch hose, an aluminum mouthpiece and hose connector, and two rechargeable batteries.

✓ DURABLE SMOKING ENJOYMENT - Thanks to the second cool battery, you can vape permanently. After about an hour in the freezer, the batteries are ready for use again.

✓ ICE ICE BABY - Due to the coldness of the battery, the smoke is cooled with each puff and thus mitigated.

✓ EASY CLEANING - The Bazooka consists of two screwable halves, which makes cleaning extremely easy.

✓ UNCOMPLICATED - Any standard hose with 11mm inner diameter can be used without any problems.

Cool, Cooler, Smokezilla COOLIN - even in tropical temperatures, the Ice Bazooka guarantees a cool hookah enjoyment. The complete set from Smokezilla consists of an Ice Bazooka, two cooling batteries and a hose set including soft-touch hose, aluminum mouthpiece and hose connection. Of course, all components included in the delivery are color-coordinated. By using an Ice Bazooka, each puff of smoke is cooled and is thus milder. Thus, the COOLIN set is a MUST-HAVE for every hookah lover, especially in summer. Due to the second cooling battery, you no longer have annoying waiting times, but can enjoy several extensive smoking sessions in a row. After hour in the freezer, the cooling batteries are ready for use again.

ATTENTION: The hose connection has NO 18/8 ground! It is recommended for use with non-standard hose adapters using a hose seal.


Length Ice Bazooka: 33 cm

Length Aluminum mouthpiece: 30 cm

Length silicone hose: 150cm

Included in the package:

- 1 Ice Bazooka mouthpiece

- 2 cooling packs

- 1 silicone hose

- 1 aluminum mouthpiece

- 1 hose connector

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