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Smokezilla Hookah Hose + Bazooka

SKU: BTO-Hose-Smokezilla-IceHoseTip

Get the complete package to start cooling your smoke for smoother hookah sessions! This package deal from Smokezilla comes with not only their chillingly cool Ice Bazooka but also a washable silicone hose! The Ice Bazooka attachment itself unthreads apart into two separate pieces for easy cleaning. Inside is a freezable "ice capsule" that can be removed and placed in your freezer prior to smoking. When your Ice Bazooka capsule is frozen, place it inside the the two mouthpiece parts to complete the set up. Enjoy icy cool smoke for the duration of your bowl!

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Sure, you can get icy, cool smoke from a minty shisha, but get chilly smoke with any type of shisha tobacco with a Smokezilla Ice Bazooka and hose!

This set from Smokezilla includes a washable, silicone hose that includes an aluminum handle and heel tip available in a variety of colors. The VIP in this set is the Ice Bazooka mouthpiece! Replace the handle of the hose with the freezable handle/mouthpiece for a chillingly cool smoke experience. You can even use this handle/mouthpiece on any silicone tubing hookah hose you may already have.

The Ice Bazooka breaks apart into two threaded pieces, and inside is a capsule with freezable liquid. Prior to smoking, simply put this "ice capsule" in a freezer until solid for optimum cooling. Once you have your hookah set up, bowl loaded and frozen capsule, assemble the handle/mouthpiece by inserting the frozen capsule into the two pieces and connect the completed setup to the end of your hose.

- Smokezilla Ice Bazooka = 13"
- Smokezilla silicone hose = 60"
- Smokezilla aluminum handle = 12"

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