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Smokezilla Muto V2 Hookah from Germany

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Smokezilla-Muto

Get the same top-notch modular system as its single-hose version but with the ability to have multiple hoses! The high quality stainless steel stem breaks down into three pieces you can customize the height of your Muto. Colorful resin accents on the stem and stainless steel hose handle go perfectly with the scale-like design on the base. A removable diffuser on the downstem helps quiet this beast or keep it it off to get the full rumble! Where is the purge? It's contained within the hub to keep the sleek lines tight, but you can't still access it when disassembled for cleaning. Innovation in its finest!

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Smokezilla Muto V2 Multi-Hose Hookah

Made from high quality stainless steel, there's no need to worry about corrosion in your stem or hose pieces with proper care. You'll also get a nice, heavy duty feeling weight to the hookah. The stem on the Muto V2 is made from three pieces so that you can adjust the height to your liking. On the downstem is a removeable diffuser so you can have the full roar when smoking without it or you can tame the bubbling of this beast by leaving it on. Because this hookah breaks down into several pieces this makes cleaning a breeze.

Included is a bowl combination consisting of the bowl itself, a screen to fit inside to prevent shisha from falling down into the bottom four holes, and a screen/chimney style heat management device. 


The hose is made of high-quality, soft-touch silicone and has a matching stainless steel handle with a resin decorative piece and heel tip. Also included with the hose is a spring that ensures that the hose will not 'kink' or fold over itself. 

Note: This hookah features 18/8 connections. Simply put: metal-to-metal connections. With compatible hoses and accessories this means no grommet is needed as a tight fit/seal is still made. However, all hoses will still work with a hose grommet.

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