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Smokezilla Muto V2 (Single Hose) Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Smokezilla-Muto-Single

The scale-like cut on the glass of the massive base on this hookah represents the backplate of the monster M.U.T.O. from Godzilla (hence the name). The threading on all connecting parts is reminiscent of angry claw marks. Although modeled after a beast the materials of this hookah are heavy duty and of absolute high-quality. The stem breaks down into three separate pieces to customize the height to your liking. In addition to the ornamental design on the base, there are resin accents on the stem and hose handle. To keep things real sleek, the purge valve is hidden inside the hub, and don't forget the removable diffuser on the downstem! Get a taste of supreme, European ingenuity!

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Smokezilla Muto (Single Hose) V2 Hookah

"In the dark, you can see the shisha coals of the Smokezilla pipe glowing like the red eyes of the M.U.T.O.. As the first smoke rises good versus evil begins."

So that the hookah is not prone to corrosion, it is made entirely of stainless steel. Thus, it is resistant, stable and has a balanced weight. The main stem consists of three parts to vary the height to your preference. The Muto V2 steam easily connects to the base with a simple twist-to-lock connection.

Without the included removeable diffuser you get the right soundscape to go to war with other fire-breathing monsters. However, if you want to enjoy the calm before the storm with few bubbling noises, you can do that with the diffuser on. The Smokezilla Muto V2 Shisha Monster is very tame and easy to clean.

The included black bowl not only looks classy, but also ensures good heat distribution. Also included is a screen to fit inside the bowl to prevent shisha from falling through the bottom four holes.

The stainless steel mouthpiece lets the intense tobacco flavor flow and after a short time you yourself become a fire-breathing monster. The hose is made of high-quality, soft-touch silicone and has a matching stainless steel hose heel. The hose spring ensures that the hose will not 'kink' or fold over itself. 

Note: This hookah features 18/8 connections. Simply put: metal-to-metal connections. With compatible hoses and accessories this means no grommet is needed as a tight fit/seal is still made. However, all hoses will still work with a hose grommet. 

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