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Smokezilla Soran Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Smokezilla-Soran

Smokezilla Soran Hookah from Germany

- Great smoke effects due to three creative blowing options

- Plug-in connection allows quick assembly and disassembly

- High-quality stone head set with insert screen and chimney attachment

- Reduced noise due to convex diffuser

- Complete package with hose set, coal tongs and seals

- Easy transport and optimal protection due to padded carrying bag

- Let the eruption of the steam monster begin - the small stainless steel hookah is ready for it. But beware, from now on you are not safe in any place.


Total height with chimney head set: approx. 53 cm

Total height with clay head: approx. 46.5 cm

Total height without clay head: approx. 40.0 cm

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Smokezilla Soran Hookah from Germany

Travel shisha with practical carrying bag
You can take the Soran anywhere, it can be stored safely and quickly in a transport bag. The bottom as well as the side walls and the lid are optimally protected by padding. It can be carried by the sturdy handle and also with the practical shoulder strap. From now on, clouds of smoke will rise not only in your living room, but also at the lake, in the park and on trips.

Three ways to blow off steam
The three different blow-off variants make the steam good vs. evil even more exciting. You decide where the pipe should release the excess pressure. So that you can try out the different blow-off variants immediately, we have created a guide for you here.

The 8-hole ring is mounted above the sleeve or between the plates. The plate position in turn results in two different blow-off options due to the alignment of the plates. All necessary adapters and sleeves are already included.

Water pipe in a complete set
As usual from Smokezilla, the Soran is also fully equipped, from head to toe.

With it, the darkness moves in in the form of a black stone head. Compared to a normal clay head, the black stone head retains heat better. Due to the density of the solid stone, the heat is transferred to the tobacco longer. Also, the glaze on the head prevents it from bleeding early. The head screen and chimney attachment make building the head a breeze and allow for a flavorful and stable smoking session.

The included eye-catching charcoal plates, are perfectly matched in both size and design. The set also includes a hose with mouthpiece, hose connector and hose spring, as well as the water tube with unscrewable convex diffuser. This reduces vibrations and prevents too loud bubbling noises. Smoke column and mouthpiece are covered with modern resin sleeves made of colored epoxy resin.

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