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Social Smoke Cinnamint Shisha Tobacco

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The Cinnamint Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco both smells delicious and brings some amazing flavors to each and every bowl. This shisha tobacco pack a real punch of flavor which features a heavy cool mint taste, and some delightful hints of cinnamon spice. The tobacco is also rather juicy, making the cloud output with it voluminous and enjoyable.

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Social Smoke Cinnamint Hookah Tobacco

Social Smoke Tobacco is a top notch line of shisha tobacco that is the result of many years of research and development. The Social Smoke Tobacco line provides long-lasting, pleasantly flavorful smoke in every bowl.

This high grade hookah tobacco is made right here in the USA from the highest quality premium ingredients with the use of no artificial colors or dyes, and only the finest natural unwashed tobacco leaves.

Recommended Cinnamint Social Smoke Mixes

Two flavors that we recommend mixing with Cinnamint Social Smoke are French Vanilla Social Smoke, to get some creaminess in with the fresh mint and spice, and Simply Apple. The natural apple taste of Simple Apple Social Smoke should mesh well with both the mint and cinnamon notes of Cinnamint.

There are so many ways to mix Cinnamint Social Smoke, and we know we haven't tried them all. So if you come up with any awesome mixes using this flavor, let us know about them! Click on the reviews below to share your mix recommendations and flavor reviews.

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