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Southern Peach Tea Social Smoke Custom Shisha Mix

SKU: BTO-SocialSmoke-CustomMix-05

First things first, there's nothing southern about this drink. It was just thought of by some people (us), who happen to be in the great state of Texas, so now it's southern. Got it, moving on. Have you ever talked to someone that REALLY likes tea? The passion they when describing the flavors within their cup is what led us to seek out this mix. Citrus aromas blended with unique spices and the right green tea leaf sounds like the perfect cup for our taste buds. Get crazy; toss in an orange or lemon rind.

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Southern Peach Tea Social Smoke Custom Mix

To achieve this mix, that we have solidly rank in our top 3 tea mixes, we'll use Ginger Tea and Citrus Peach. The latter of the two provides a powerful jolt of delicious peach with the sweet & sour notes we look for when we want to "get crazy".


Ginger Tea is perfect for one major thing, delivering fresh ginger taste to your bowl. The tea taste is soft so we try to use more Ginger Tea than Citrus Peach, or just sprinkle CP at the top of our bowl. A cup of tea goes well with this flavor combo.

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