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Starbuzz USA Lassie Hypno Hookah Shaft

SKU: BTO-Shaft-SB-LassieHypno

Starbuzz's USA made hookah stems continue to bring style to hookah smoking with their modern mindset. The 28" Lassie Hypno provides yet ANOTHER eye-catching, futuristic stem design all the while utilizing high-tech CNC machining to produce a sophisticated and functional hookah pipe.

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Starbuzz Lassie Hypno Hookah Stem

Aesthetically, the Lassie Hypno blends sharp edges with tapered slopes to create a stem that is out of this world. As for the finish, these hookah stems are made from anodized aluminum, resulting in an exceptionally durable finish that won't stain or corrode.


Besides the bold aesthetic design on the outside, Starbuzz stems are going to last, and you won't ever have to worry about rust due to their anodized aluminum finish and stainless steel interior hardware. In fact, Starbuzz American hookah shafts are so special they each feature their own serial number, a tribute to the hand-care and quality that goes into each unit.

The hubs are unique too, and share no common chambers. One benefit of this is that you cannot blow out the purge port ball-bearing. The purge port easily screws in, and both the purge and hose adapter are anodized to match the stem.

Perhaps the finest feature of the Starbuzz USA-Made hookah stem is the surgical grade down-stem. Made using the highest-grade steel, the Starbuzz down-stem is completely resistant to ghosting. Want to change flavors? All you'll need to do is rinse out the stem with warm/hot water.


If it's been a while since your last cleaning and the ghosted flavors are more stubborn, a quick scrub with a stem brush, a little bit of dish soap, and a good rinse with water will do the trick and get your hookah back to being fresh.


Even the tray is unique and innovative. The anodizing prevents your tray from becoming burnt and discolored, and the grooves will keep your charcoal from rolling around.

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