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Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Super Pack (Choose any 3 X 200g + Quick Light Charcoal)

SKU: BTO-SB-Vintage-200g-X3-Quicklight

Light your sessions in an instant with our Starbuzz Vintage quick light coal super pack. You'll get to select 3 of your favorite Vintage hookah flavors and plan out a variety of mixing recipes before your package arrives. When it's time to get your hookah session started you'll just need a single flame lighter or torch to get your charcoal ignited.

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Starbuzz Vintage Shisha With Quick Light Charcoal Super Pack

Spark your Starbuzz Vintage shisha session in no time with our quick light charcoal super pack. If you're looking for more kick in your smoke session with mild to complex flavor profiles, we've got some jars for you. We don't get it from a thrift shop, but this unwashed dark leaf tobacco allows hookah smokers to enjoy incredibly rich flavors featuring a balanced buzz and more depth in the tobacco notes within each flavor profile.


After more than 2 years of research and development, Starbuzz was able to create a shisha tobacco that offered a traditional taste and experience. This dark cut tobacco is comprised of multiple styles of base tobacco leaves to create the layered rollercoaster smoking experience.


Their current line up of flavors utilize unique flavor profiles that include spices, creams, bold fruits, and mint. While Starbuzz Vintage delivers fantastic combos with every bowl, they do have some unique names that may not speak to the flavor profile, but don't worry, we've gone through and broken down every flavor to give you the most accurate description that we can.


Starbuzz Vintage Flavor Descriptions

Alaskan Freeze - A nice cooling mint with strong tobacco undertones that are common in dark leaf tobacco blends.

Colombian Spice - This robust Colombian coffee blend is not only incredibly stout and buzzy, but also smooth and flavorful. This powerful coffee blend gives off cinnamon notes throughout the smoking session, and makes for a relaxing morning hookah.

Dark Caribbean - When you open a can of Dark Caribbean shisha, get ready to get hit in the face with an overwhelming pineapple, citrus, coconut blend mixed into a robust dark leaf tobacco.

Dark Mist - A blackberry blend that rivals the ever popular Starbuzz Blue Mist. Made of the same elements as Blue Mist - mainly the trademarked Mist flavor - but with a dark leaf tobacco, Dark Mist promises to be a similar.

Dark Vanilla - Dark Vanilla is a powerful, robust blend of vanilla shisha with lasting effects. Great as a mixer, this Dark Vanilla pairs with other Starbuzz Vintage flavors nicely, but can also smoke well on its own.

Delhi Tea - A unique blend that, if you couldn't tell from its name, is remniscent of a smooth, earthy tea with hints of star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Fresh Lime - A deliciously tangy and sour plain lime flavor. The flavor translates well from the taste, not featuring as much of the strong tobacco notes as others in the Vintage line.

Ginkco - Ginkco packs a wallop of flavorful intricacies and tones. Upon smoking this flavor, we immediately catch notes of honey, ginger and a light sprinkle of mint. This is a great afternoon bowl on a hot summer day.

Honey Dew Me - A smooth, honey dew melon flavor that is sure to please. The flavor translates well into a nice, refreshing melon flavor, perfect for a summer smoke.

Indian Spiced Apple - Indian Spiced Apple is a tasty spicy apple blend, modeled after red Indian apples. The robust dark tobacco leaves bring forward the powerful spice blend with a subtle apple complement on the front end of the smoke. This shisha features both red and green apple, along with a sweet anise taste as well as a sweet tobacco flavor.

Morning Breeze - Featuring a sweet and sour lemon chai tea flavor that will woo you as much as it will wow you.

Orange Chocolate - The fresh zest of citrus orange combined with the rich creamy sweetness of chocolate; we're looking forward to getting to know this one!

Peach Spice - This rich peach, complemented by heavy spice notes, makes for an incredible smoke experience.

Root Beer - Much like the soda of the same name, you'll find yourself reminiscing with this sweet blend of spices with a touch of Vanilla creaminess that tastes just like the drink!

Shanghai Passion - This flavor is a strong blend that tastes of herbal tea with light cinnamon undertones.

Spice Me Red - Cinnamon, spicy, delicious. This member of the new Starbuzz Vintage line, Spice Me Red shisha, is very similar to a stick of cinnamon flavored gum, with strong notes of sweet berries.

Sweet Cigar - Sweet Cigar is a solid hookah tobacco flavor featuring rich notes of sweet sugary goodness. This flavor is great for mixing and adding a little extra robustness to your bowl along with an element of vanilla sweetness.

Tiramisu - Tiramisu, what a brilliant idea. This subtly sweet flavor features a delectable creamy taste with notes of coffee and java. This is a must try flavor for all you coffee lovers and dessert aficionados.

Tokyo Spice - This flavor combines sweet citrus with light notes of spices. The orange and lime blend has quickly made this shisha flavor an office favorite.

White Mist - White Mist Starbuzz shisha tobacco is a deliciously creamy flavor, with incredible notes of peach and spice mixed in for a wonderful smoke session.

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