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Tangiers Silver Tab Hookah Charcoal

SKU: BTO-Coal-Tangiers-SilverTab

Made by Tangiers for TANGIERS! You're now checking the only charcoal ever produced by the Tangiers Tobacco team. These tab shaped pieces have a medium heat output in relation to coconut charcoal, because the goal is to extend the life and flavor in your session.

Size: 96 pcs
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Tangiers Silver Tab Hookah Charcoal

  • Requires an electric charcoal heater
  • Wait untill the coals are fully lit before using

The silver exterior helps these tab pieces light extremely quick and evenly. These coals are ussually fully lit within 3 minutes when you're applying them to a pre-heated burner, and 4-5 if you're just turning on your coal heater.

The Tangiers Silver Tab coals have a burn time of 30-40 minutes and they're able to be ignited by place one on top of another during your session.  Each box will contain 96 pre-scored pieces of hookah charcoal.


When you're using any hookah charcoal please make sure that your coals are fully lit before placing them onto your bowl. In order to achieve the longest shelf life with your coals, make sure to keep them stored in a dry environment.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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