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Tesseract Triple Stack Bundle

SKU: BTO-Bundle-Tesseract-AF-Triple

It's the season for gift giving and we've got the perfect package for any level of hookah smoker. The Tesseract hookah bundle provides you with:

  • Tesseract stainless steel hookah at your color choice
  • 3x 250g Al Fakher Flavors
  • Unique flexible base cleaning brush
  • Removable ice hose tip

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Invi Tesseract Hookah

The INVI Tesseract Stainless Steel is a real gem among complete sets; it offers every feature you could ever want. The visual highlight of the hookah is the bowl with colorful accents. The included chimney attachment facilitates the head construction, ensures optimal heat distribution and lets you easily regulate the temperature. Thanks to the four hose adapters as well as connections, the pipe can also be smoked by four people.


The molasses catcher included in the set prevents contamination by excess molasses, so the Invi Shisha stays clean and is easier to clean. Tobacco can no longer get into the bowl when using a molasses catcher. The water pipe comes with a removable diffuser that simply silences your shisha like noise canceling headphones and filters the smoke optimally.


The Invi Tessaract is made entirely of stainless steel for a premium look - from the head adapter to the charcoal plate to the diffuser. The Non Sticky Technology (NST) used on the hose connection allows for easy attachment and detachment of the silicone hose. The recesses there give the hose additional support and prevent annoying sticking.

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