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Tom Coco Diamond Big Cube Hookah Charcoal

SKU: BTO-Coal-TomCoco-Diamond-BigCubes

You're at diamond level with this pick up. These Diamond Edition Tom Coco coconut coals come as a BIG CUBE shape that is even larger than their Gold Edition cube coals! Measuring 26mm on each side and consisting of approximately 1.5 percent ash, these charcoals last even longer and burn hotter as well!

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Tom Coco Diamond Edition Big Cube Natural Hookah Charcoal

  • Requires an electric charcoal heater
  • Wait untill the coals are fully lit before using

Originating from Germany, Tom Coco hookah coals have arrived in the US market and are ready to show you why they have gained such a strong following across Europe! Their popularity in home use and hookah lounges was achieved through the use of high quality, all natural ingredients that provide a consistent heat output and clean flavor throughout every hookah session.


They are specifically made using coconut shells that are left over from the production of other various coconut products, so you can rest assured that not a single tree was harmed during the production of these coals.


Their all natural composition means there won't be any chemicals or coatings that may interfere with the flavor of your shisha. This results in smoke sessions that deliver a smooth and flavorful experience.


Tom Coco Diamond Edition cube hookah charcoal comes available in a variety of box sizes, including a 32 piece box (1/2 Kg) and a 64 piece box (1 Kg), and can easily be used with either aluminum foil or a heat management device!


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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