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Ugly Lemon Mint Shisha Tobacco

SKU: BTO-Ugly-LemonMint

As you would expect from a flavor named Lemon Mint, you'll taste a strong citrus lemon combined with a cooling mint. This results in a sweet, yet tart, citrus smoke that provides a cool, tingling sensation throughout your session. In addition to the refreshing citrus, you'll also experience the extra nicotine buzz that Ugly Tobacco is known for.

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Ugly Lemon Mint Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco is now on our shelves with their buzzy shisha flavors. Founded in Illinois, every batch that is produce is made right here in the USA. Consisting of high quality Virginia leaves, every can of Ugly will provide thick clouds and tasty flavor. This modern brand packs a pretty heavy buzz, so we recommend these blends to moderate hookah smokers and hookah experts. Ugly is versatile, so it works well with any bowl and any packing method.

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