Unsolicited Video Reviews and Testimonials

Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know the Vase arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you guys so much for excellent customer service, honestly the best I have ever received on an online retailer. You fixed the problem immediately, and were very friendly and understanding! Keep up the great work, I'll surely be shopping with you guys again in the future! Have a great day!

Anthony M.

Dear H&SC, Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service! I purchased a fantastic hookah last November as a wedding present. I was worried that I may not be able to exchange it if my friends didn't like it as I was purchasing it in September, the wedding was in November and they were heading straight to Fiji from the wedding reception for two weeks. It would be weeks before they opened the gift and by then the 30-day return policy would have long passed. I was assured my customer service that there was no need to worry, my friends would be able to exchange it if they needed to. Well there was no need for that at all! They absolutely loved it, said it was hands down the best present they received, a massive relief since I had never seen the product in person. Thanks for carrying such quality merchandise, I' can't wait to buy one for myself for my birthday this October!

Sincerely, Kendra P.

My name is Samuel, and I just wanted to drop a note thanking you all at hookah-shisha for amazing customer service. This is the third Hookah that I have ordered over an almost 5 year period. Upon each time I have moved I have left my current Hookah with friends so that they might enjoy it and the memories that we have had smoking it together. My first Order was an Abyss three hose hookah. Hookah-shisha informed me that they were currently out of the carrying case and asked if it would be acceptable to take almost $30 off the price to make up for it. This was my first experience with your wonderful customer service. The second was also a three hose abyss because of my great experience with the first. It arrived in a timely manor with no problems. My latest was a one hose stratus because I recently moved again and didn't have as many people to smoke with. I received a two hose version for the same price because your company was out of the one hose version. In short your company renews my faith in customer service. You have always been amazing when it comes to making your customer happy. I simply wanted to thank you and say well done. Your prompt and always think of your customer and should know that it doesn't go unnoticed. I have recommended everyone looking to buy a hookah or any products to your website, from individuals to hookah bars. It always goes hand in hand with great results. So in short, thank you all.

Sincerely, Samuel D.

Wow, thank you very much, this is why I continue to purchase everything I need from you guys and tell all my friends this is where they need to be purchasing their supplies from. I will continue to spread the good word about you guys even if you didn't forward me that generous credit.Thanks again guys!


Wow! I just really wanted to let you guys know how impressed i am with your service, Firstly i called and was immediately talking to a representative (its not everyday you get to speak to a person and not a machine anymore). He knew exactly what he was talking about, gave me his opinion on tobacco choices, and told me what he believed the more popular choices to be, and on top of that it only took 8 days for my tobacco to come in, I can honestly say, even if i absolutely hate the tobacco, you guys won my loyalty as a returning customer and can expect a lot more orders from me to come.


Hello,i would like to say that i am very satisfied with your shop and my first order. i don't usually write to the shop i am buying from but this was such a perfect communication/speed/contact with the customer, service that i had to tell you.I'll definitely order from you again, i hope that you're will continue using your very good policy with foreign orders, not everyone does that. I really appreciate it.keep doing such a good job.

Jan K.

Thanks so much for all of your help; this is the absolute best outcome I could hope for, and is an example of superlative customer service. I can't emphasize enough how much of a pleasure dealing with you has been: the products I've received (save just a minor machining issue) have been fantastic, the shisha's great (I'm smoking some now in the mini Maya hookah), and the service has been exemplary.

I'll definitely be doing all my future hookah (and etc.) dealings with you folks; you've absolutely gotten a repeat customer


I Called today to have an order fixed and possibly got the most friendly customer service I've ever received, anywhere.The quick, friendly, and effective service I got today just ensured that Hookah-Shisha will be the ONLY place I will be shopping for my Hookah needs. Good work guys!


Thank you so much! I've read that yall had great customer service but that far exceeded my expectations, many companies wouldn't have bothered to try to catch it. I will definitely be a repeat customer, thank you very much for being one of the few companies who look out for their customers!


i just wanted to say thank you for for the sending are products so quick! i have to say it is hard to find good customer service and you guys have exceeded my expectations for your services! yall are always on time,nothing is ever damaged,you have an awesome selection of products with great quality!! in my book you get two thumbs up and 6 out of five stars. if there is anything i can do to help promote or anything give me a shout. thank you again and i look forward to doing more business with this company!


I just wanted to say thank you to you guys. I ordered three things on December 1st for my girlfriends birthday on the 23rd, one of which was a hookah from you guys. I got it the next week and still haven't heard anything about my other gifts. So basically i just wanted to say thank you for being on top of it and shipping so promptly, especially during the Christmas season. keep it up guys, its greatly appreciate.


I want to thank the staff of Hookah-Shisha...All my orders have been prompt and perfect...No problems at all and the quality of everything I have purchased is more than superb...The shipping is some of the fastest ever, I get my stuff in one day, that cannot be beat at all...You guys and gals are the example of prime customer service and dealers of excellent goods...I won't go anywhere else for my products...I just made another order today as a matter of fact...Happy B-day to you too...


Thank you so much for the prompt response and very fast shipping! Customer service is TOP-NOTCH!!! Your company has definitely secured my business in the future. It is when issues like this arise you may judge how an organization really does business. Thank you again.


Thank you for the fast and courteous customer service. I've been using a bowl from my old hookah, and I'm extremely satisfied with my hookah and accessories, and even more satisfied with the price. Your prices and quality of goods far surpass my usual store for my hookah-related needs, so I'll definitely be using your site in the future and I've recommended it to some friends.

Thanks again, Alex

Thank you so much! I've rarely ever received such good customer service from an online store. I really appreciate your help! You guys are truly above the rest of the hookah companies!