Sahara Smoke Pyrex Bowl Screen

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"Product review: Sahara Smoke Pyrex Bowl Screen"
Alan Melamed on Monday, August 13, 2018 11:48:09 AM

Having used this a handful of times, I felt that it was time to do a review on it to let everyone know my experience with this product - It appears exactly as you see it in the picture and it fits on most bowls I'm using an Alpaca Apache bowl but I've used a standard Egyptian bowl with this as well - The idea is simple enough and it does work, though not as well as I would like - For example, it takes a lot longer to get the hookah smoking correctly at least 15 minutes as not only to you have to heat up the glass, but you also have to heat the bowl up as well through the glass - I also noted that instead of a standard compliment of 3 natural flat coals as I use with most shishas I smoke, I had to use 5 with this bowl set up to get the same effect - Not exactly a coal saver - Once it gets rolling, it works very well and keeps the bowl at a good smoking temperature for a good amount of time without getting any ash in the bowl itself - it's just that, at least in my opinion, it takes way too long to get the bowl going and it uses a lot of coal to make it work, as compared to a straight foil setup or using the Lotus/Vitria bowl combo - If you're an infrequent smoker and you don't mind the wait or the excessive number of coals needed to get this to work, I would recommend this to you because it DOES work - - - but there are much better ways to get your shisha up to smoking temperature, ones that take a lot less time and less coal - Of course, if you are fastidious about having absolutely no ash in your bowl, regardless of other concerns, then this is the bowl screen for you because it performs that task admirably -

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