Mazaj Hookah Bowl

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"Awesome Funnel Bowl!"
Mark Devillier on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 3:08:40 PM

Let me start by saying that I like funnel bowls - They increase the longevity of flavor during smoke sessions, though proper packing is always the most important part - Funnel bowls are also nice if you don't like juice dripping down your stem and into the base, or around your bowl grommet - The main issue that I have with this bowl is the fact that I don't think it's a good companion piece for the Lotus - The diameter simply isn't large enough to accommodate the Lotus, and I found that it slid around way too much for my comfort - Also, I had 4 coals in my Lotus and it produced almost no smoke after 15-20 minutes - - - I'm not new to this hookah thing, it just wasn't a good fit - I think the main reason for this is that the bottom vents of the Lotus hang over the outside of the bowl, which is not allowing enough heat to reach the shisha - For the sake of argument, I decided to use the foil method, which I've not used since I bought a Lotus, and wow, what difference! I started with 3 Titanium coals, but had to reduce it to 2 because of how harsh the session became - 2 coals is all you need with the foil method on this bowl - With that said, this is a great bowl - The amount of flavor and smoke present with just 2 Titanium coals is impressive to say the least - If you're dead set on using the Lotus, be careful, as it really isn't safe for this bowl - - - and I love my Lotus, so that's saying a lot -

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