Oduman Tarantula Hookah

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"Exceeds Expectations, Highly Recommended Brand"
Erica on Sunday, May 24, 2020 5:14:12 AM

Oduman Tarantula: an aesthetic modification of their successful Voyage Hookah, adds a spider-like metal base plate and a detachable LED lounge light disk - My current setup is a Lipache Alpaca - Bowl, Al Fakher citrus mix, and 3 Coconut cubes - At only 8" tall 14" including the stand/bowl!, this glass and sterling silver water pipe is a Teeny Monster! The sessions produce huge clouds and delicious flavor, while lasting me an average of 3 hours, and rarely do I feel a "burning" need to change shisha - Jokes aside; airflow is excellent, design is sleek and modern, a heavyweight glass chamber with rust-proof stainless steel hardware, and even a built-in diffuser on the downstem - Bonus points to Oduman, as it actually works as intended! I'm using foil for now, as I'm waiting on another Oduman product, The Ignis - It's identical in size to Kaloud's Lotus, and compatible with all Alpaca's Lipped Bowls - TL;DR- Oduman is a well-respected name in the Hookah/Shisha Smoking community, and it's a deservedly earned reputation - Oduman Tarantula/Voyager is a stout but powerful hookah, capable of blissful hours-long sessions - I like it a lot, heh -

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