BYO Tower Hookah Bowl

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"One of my favorite bowls"
Andrew Darr on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 6:11:46 AM

This bowl is awesome - I have several different bowls to choose from and this is one of my favorites - I have bowls that cover the price range from top to bottom - I have a few bowls that cost twice as much and dont work nearly as well - That being said this bowl is bargain at the current price - I use it with my kaloud lotus plus and it works perfectly - I might be the odd ball but I use my lotus with foil over the bowl so that my shisha doesnt stick to the bottom of the lotus - With this bowl it has enough of an edge that the lotus sits on it and I dont have to worry about knocking the lotus off - I find that the with a tight foil wrap and a semi densely packed bowl this bowl produce awesome clouds - The center of the bowl sits just low enough that the lotus doesnt block the center hole like it can on some bowls - This makes for great air flow and clouds - It doesnt seem to matter if the shisha is one of the moist ones or fairly dry I always end up with a great session with the combo I mentioned - I have used it with just foil and no lotus to and it is still just as great - The glaze on the bowl makes for easy clean up once your done too - I would certainly recommend this bowl

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