Frequently Asked Hookah-Shisha Questions

Do you accept any forms of payment other than Credit Card and Money Order?
Currently, we do accept personal checks. You must include a printed copy of your order invoice, write the order (or invoice) number on the check, and include a copy of a government-issued photo ID card which displays your birth date. We do not accept PayPal at this time due to restrictions Paypal has with working with Tobacco retail stores.
What can I expect when I place my order? Do you guys follow up with receipts or tracking numbers?
You will receive one email from us when you place your order which will contain your order confirmation.. We will also send a second email with a tracking number at the point your order ships. If you have placed an order and have not received any of the two of these emails, please contact us so we can look into your order and make sure it's processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. To track an order you can track packages through your account by clicking through this progression: "my account" > "view previous orders" > "order details"> click the (red) tracking # found at the bottom (for UPS orders), and if the order was shipped via USPS, then you may cut and paste the tracking # listed on that order invoice to the USPS . com (and/or websites. (note: if your order has not shipped yet then you will NOT see that tracking # show up on that screen.)
I'm worried my order will break in transit, how do you package your hookah pipes?
We take great care to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition - 99% of our orders arrive on time and undamaged. Hookah bases and tobacco bowls are wrapped in bubble wrap and the entire order is surrounded by Styrofoam peanut packaging. Even with the great care we take to ensure safe travel to you, it's always possible damage may occur in shipping. For this reason, all of our shipments are fully insured and we will replace any products that arrive damaged or broken. If an item does arrive damaged, please follow the steps listed below.
What do I do if an order arrives damaged, or breaks upon setup?
Despite the attention and care we devote to hand-packing each individual order, unforeseen circumstances while an order is in transit can damage the package contents. If something arrives damaged, follow these steps to ensure the fastest and most thorough possible service:

1. Take pictures of the damaged item(s) with a digital camera or camera-phone for documentation (this also helps us when filing a damage claim with the shipping carrier.)

2. Attach the digital pictures to an email.

3. Include a description of the problem in the email along with the order number (or invoice number) and the address to ship replacement parts to.

4. Send the email to [email protected] After we receive the email, we'll reply back quickly to notify you of the actions we take or to request additional information.
What if something is wrong with my order?
We strive for the highest level of accuracy in order fulfillment. Our orders are triple checked to ensure they leave in perfect order, but occasionally mistakes are made. We will be happy to correct any mistake we make and we ask that you contact us immediately upon discovery of any errors.
Where are you guys located, can I come and shop in person?
All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Austin, Texas (See our UPS time in transit map), the Live Music and Hookah capital of the United States. Unfortunately, we do not have a customer reception area in our warehouse,<

Frequently Asked Hookah-Shisha Questions
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