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10 Signs You are a True Hookah Enthusiast

10 Signs You are a True Hookah Enthusiast

By danny / July 6, 2015

Are you the hookah guru among your friends? Do they always ask you how they can get their hookah to smoke as well as yours? Do they hog the hose when YOUR patented mix is being smoked? If so, then it sounds like you are a true hookah enthusiast - a smoker who appreciates the finer points of the art of hookah. If you're still not sure, read on for 10 signs that you are a true hookah enthusiast.

1) You Have More Shisha In Your House Than Food

If this picture below looks familiar, then you just might be a hookah enthusiast. You can always just order a pizza for delivery, right?

2) You Bring Your Own Hookah With You To The Lounge

Smoke from a possibly questionable lounge hookah/hose? No thank you sir. I am a true hookah enthusiast and, as such, I will bring my own setup for all of your other patrons to marvel at.

3) You Bring Your Own Hookah With You EVERYWHERE

Going to the beach? Let's bring the hookah. Going to the park? Let's bring the hookah. Going to the party? Let's bring the hookah. BFFs.

4) Everything You See Could Become A Hookah

Look, look, just hear me out. We just rip out these wires, lose this lampshade, get some electrical tape and paper towels, then we drill a hole right here and stuff a hose in there and BAM we've got a hookah. GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY LAMP!!!!!!

5) Your Friends Only Ever Ask You What Flavors To Buy

Mass Text Response: It's Cane Mint, people! Just get some Cane Mint and leave me alone!

6) You Feel Like Certain Flavors Were Made JUST For You

Dude, did you hear there's a new flavor that's supposed to taste just like Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts? ...Oh my god. They HAVE been getting my letters!

7) If No One Stopped You, You Could Talk About Hookah For Days

My favorite flavor? Hmmmm, well that really depends on what I've been smoking a lot of lately. Like last week I was smoking a lot of double apple and it was my favorite but then one night I just had too much and so I had to switch it to Grape Mint but you can't smoke Mint out of a double apple pipe and so I had to break out my glass hookah and oh man do I love glass hookahs have you tried the new Zahrah hookahs oh my god they are so good and of course I needed to change hoses too so I had to pick which one to use and..............................................

8) Your Recycling Bin Looks Like This

True hookah enthusiasts always recycle.

9) You Refer To Your First Bowl Of The Day As A Breakfast Bowl

No better way to start your day than with a cup o' joe and a bowl of shisha Os!

10) A Sight Like This Brings You To Tears

There. Are. No. Words.

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