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Shop All Shisha at Hookah Shisha
Shop All Shisha at Hookah Shisha

Whether you are just getting started on your shisha journey or are looking to restock your regular rotation of flavors, look no further than the world’s largest online shop for flavored hookah tobacco. Serving the community since the year 2000, our staff is here to provide you with the best shisha tobacco flavor recommendations, hookah advice, and all the expert knowledge needed for you to create the best tasting smoke sessions every time. Find answers to common questions below or reach out to our friendly customer service team for any other questions you may have. You can also check out our blog for informative guides, top flavors, custom shisha mixes, and more!

What is shisha? 

Shisha, also known as shisha tobacco, hookah tobacco, or flavored molasses, is a form of flavored tobacco that is designed to be smoked out of a water pipe called a “hookah” or “narguile”.

How-To Buy Shisha and Flavored Hookah Tobacco

As the experts here at, we have collected and curated some of the world’s best shisha brands and flavors for our online hookah store! Filter by brand to discover high-quality shisha flavors from companies like Al Fakher Tobacco, Starbuzz Tobacco, Fumari Tobacco, and more! You can also shop shisha by flavor or tobacco type to find the blends you need. With each brand offering a variety of size options ranging from 50g boxes to 1000g tubs, as well as our collection of custom shisha "super packs", discovering - and restocking - your favorite flavors has never been easier.

How is shisha made?

While the exact flavor formulas vary from brand to brand and are often kept secret by the brands themselves, shisha is made by combining chopped-up tobacco leaves (or a tobacco-free alternative), molasses, honey, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring liquids.

How do I smoke shisha? 

Shisha is designed to be smoked out of a type of water pipe called a hookah or narguile. Shisha flavor is packed into a hookah bowl or “head” that typically sits at the very top of the pipe. The flavored tobacco is then heated using pieces of hookah charcoal that burn at low enough temperatures to vaporize the molasses, glycerin, and flavoring without combusting the tobacco (or other plant material). Then by inhaling through a hookah hose, the smoke is pulled through the hookah shaft, gets filtered and cooled by the water in the base, and results in thick clouds of smooth, flavorful shisha smoke.

How long does a shisha session last? 

The average hookah session lasts approximately 60 minutes, however, there are a variety of factors that can both extend and reduce how long you smoke. To learn more about how long a bowl of shisha should last, check out our blog here.

Can I mix shisha flavors? 

You can absolutely mix shisha flavors! One of the most exciting parts of smoking hookah is being able to unlock your own custom mixes by combining individual shisha flavors together and creating blends that reflect your tastes as a hookah smoker. To learn the basics of mixing shisha tobacco, check out our blog on shisha mixology here.

How do I store shisha? 

To maintain its flavor profile and prevent it from drying out, shisha needs to be stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool, dry place. Many shisha brands include storage jars or tins that serve as an ideal vessel to store your flavor, but you can also use a plastic Tupperware container or shisha storage container to help keep your tobacco fresh! Learn more about storing your shisha flavors here.

Does shisha expire? 

Yes, shisha does technically expire. Most shisha brands list an expiration date of 1-2 years after the date the shisha was produced, however, in many cases shisha can last beyond the expiration date as long as it was stored properly. For more information on the shelf life of shisha, take a look at our blog here.

Are there tobacco-free or nicotine-free hookah flavors? 

Yes! Commonly referred to as “herbal” shisha, these flavors are made using alternatives to tobacco leaves, such as chopped up sugarcane or apple slices, that are soaked in honey, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Herbal shisha can be prepared and smoked just like regular shisha tobacco, but due to the lack of tobacco, you will not experience any form of nicotine head buzz; only flavor and smoke. You can find all of our available herbal shisha brands here.

What is the difference between blonde leaf and dark leaf shisha? 

Most shisha tobacco can be grouped into two main types, “blonde” leaf and “dark” leaf. Blonde leaf shisha flavors are made using light brown, golden tobacco leaves that are relatively low in nicotine and provide smooth flavor without too much of a head buzz. Dark leaf shisha flavors are made using dark brown (sometimes black) tobacco leaves that contain a much higher amount of nicotine and deliver a strong tobacco flavor. To find more detailed information about these two types of shisha tobacco, check out our blog here.

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