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Hookah Bowls FAQ

At, we know that bowls are essential to achieving thick smoke and great flavor during your smoke sessions. That's why we offer a large selection of the best hookah bowls from all the top brands. We offer a wide range of different styles of bowls, including traditional bowls, glass bowls, silicone hookah bowls, and more! We're here to help you experience the best possible smoke sessions from your hookah. Below, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions regarding types of hookah bowls.

What are the different parts of a hookah?

A hookah is made up of three main parts:

  • -  The bowl is where the tobacco is placed.
  • -  The body is the main part of the hookah with the vase and the stem.
  • -  The hose is attached to the hookah with a bowl stem, allowing the smoker to inhale the shisha tobacco.

What is a hookah bowl?

The hookah bowl refers to the dish that holds your shisha tobacco. It sits at the top of your hookah stem. A traditional bowl is typically made of clay, but other variations have emerged in the hookah industry and can be found on the market today.

What are modern hookah bowls made of?

Today's bowls can be made from a variety of different materials, but the most common materials will be clay, ceramic, glass, or silicone. You'll find that hookah bowl brands will carry different types of bowls made of high-quality material to ensure durability. Hookah enthusiasts can search for bowls that fit their setup.

How does my choice of hookah bowl affect my smoke session?

One of the most important factors in any hookah smoking experience is the bowl itself. The bowl is where the tobacco is placed, and it is responsible for heating the tobacco and producing smoke. There are many different types of bowls available on the market, and each offers its own unique smoking experience. As a general rule, larger bowls hold a larger volume of shisha which results in a longer session. Smaller bowls hold less shisha which will typically result in a shorter session. Standard clay bowls are the most common while specialty bowls like phunnel bowls are typically used for stronger tobaccos to heat the shisha evenly. Take a look at our blog for a more detailed guide on what can affect the length of your smoke session.

What is the best way to pack a hookah bowl?

There are a variety of different ways to pack your favorite shisha to get thick smoke out of your hookah bowl, and it may also depend on the type of shisha you are smoking. The most common method is to use your fingers (or a small shisha fork) to sprinkle the shisha into the bowl until you reach the rim of the shisha bowl, resulting in a light "fluff" pack. Check out our blog to find more in-depth guides to hookah bowl packing methods and more.

What is the best hookah bowl brand?

Hookah bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so deciding which bowl is best depends on your hookah setup, choice of shisha flavor, personal preference, and more. Some bowls are proprietary to specific brands. For juicy shisha, phunnel and vortex hookah bowls are typically best. But for dryer shisha, you can't go wrong with a traditional Egyptian-style bowl. Check out our blog to learn more about hookah bowls and learn which Hookah-Shisha bowls and brands might be best for you.

What is the difference between traditional, vortex, and phunnel bowls?

"Traditional" hookah bowls tend to be made from clay and have several airflow intake holes punched through the bottom of the dish that will sit below the shisha. "Vortex" bowls tend to be made from ceramic and have a pillar that rises up in the middle of the bowl with air intake holes punched around the spire so that they sit above the shisha. "Phunnel" bowls tend to be made from clay but are available in a variety of materials and have one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha. Shop the top hookah bowl brands on our site now.

Can I use a hookah bowl without foil?

Yes. A hookah heat management device (HMD), like the Kaloud Lotus, can act as a replacement for hookah foil. In most cases, HMDs offer cleaner flavor and longer-lasting smoke sessions compared to traditional aluminum foil. A HMD must be used with an HMD compatible bowl, and you can view our selection of HMD compatible bowls by shopping by type.

How do I clean my hookah bowl?

Ash and residue can affect the flavor of your tobacco. It's necessary to clean the bowl on a regular basis with hot water and soap. A cleaning brush can also be inserted into the bowl and used to scrub away the built-up ash and residue. You can also use a kitchen sponge to remove any tough residue.

My hookah bowl is loose, how do I fix it?

A loose bowl usually indicates the need to adjust or replace the bowl grommet for a better fitting one. A good short term option is to simply make a temporary grommet by wrapping a strip of paper towel around the bowl stem of the hookah to the desired thickness to fit the bowl and then attaching your bowl to the hookah. To learn more about this temporary fix, take a look at our blog on using a paper towel as a hookah grommet.

Why is my hookah bowl leaking?

If the grommet is not properly seated, it can create a leak. Make sure the grommet is in place and properly seated before applying the charcoal to get smoking. Cracks in the stem or base as well as holes in the hose can also cause leakage.

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