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With over a dozen brands on our shelves, you'll find some of the world's best hookah charcoal on the shelves here at! With our wide variety of quick lighting hookah charcoal, natural coconut hookah charcoal, and even silver tab charcoal, you'll have no problem finding a coal that creates your perfect shisha session. Charcoal is essential to smoking shisha as it is the sole heat source that cooks your hookah flavors and we aim to provide you with only the finest quality coals on the market. This is why each and every brand we carry has been tested right here in our warehouse to find and ensure optimal performance during your sessions. Need help finding the best hookah charcoal for your hookah? Contact our friendly service team (with over two decades of hookah experience) and we'll be happy to assist! Check out our blog for more information about hookah charcoal, the different styles, how to light them, and more.

What is hookah charcoal? 

Hookah charcoal is a specially created type of charcoal that was made specifically to heat shisha flavor. It burns at a temperature that is optimized to vaporize the liquid ingredients off of the tobacco while not physically igniting the tobacco leaves (like all other ways of smoking tobacco) and is widely considered to be the most effective heat source when smoking shisha.

How is hookah charcoal made?

Though exact formulas and ingredients may vary from coal to coal, hookah charcoal is made by going through the basic process of turning raw, combustible material (such as wood or coconut husks) into lump charcoal. This is then ground into a powder, mixed with a binding agent, and compressed. Once compressed, this charcoal mixture is formed into all the different shapes and sizes of coals we see today! These pieces then go through a drying process that ultimately results in the small pieces of charcoal you see on hookah bowls all around the world.

What is the difference between natural and quick light hookah coals?

Quick lighting hookah coals are coated with a chemical accelerant that allows each piece to be lit quickly using nothing but an open flame (like from a candle lighter or torch). The convenience offered by quick light charcoal is unmatched, however, the chemical accelerant may interfere with the flavor of your shisha. Natural hookah coals do NOT contain any chemical accelerant, so they are only able to be lit using an electric coil stove or charcoal burner. While less convenient, natural coals tend to burn longer and more evenly than quick lighting coals and often provide a cleaner tasting, more accurate flavor profile to your smoke session.

How do I light hookah charcoal? 

If you're using quick lighting coals, hold a piece of charcoal with metal tongs and hold a standard flame lighter to the edge. After a couple of seconds, the charcoal will begin to rapidly emit sparks and will fully light after 2-3 minutes. If using natural hookah coals, you will need to use an electric coil stove or charcoal burner to properly light them. Place your charcoal directly on the electric coil or burner and crank it up to high. Once the bottom half of the coals are lit, give them a flip with your metal tongs so the other side can light. Depending on the size of coal you're using and the power of the burner, it can take anywhere between 5-15 minutes to fully light natural hookah charcoal.

How many hookah coals should I use? 

Depending on the type of hookah charcoal, your shisha flavor, and your bowl, you will typically need to use between 1-4 pieces of charcoal on your bowl at one time - however, this can vary. Check out our blog for a more detailed guide to hookah charcoal and heat management.

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