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Buy Bulk Shisha and Charcoal at Warehouse Prices

Shopping Hookah Supplies in Bulk FAQ

Do you smoke frequently at home? If you have your one go-to flavor or are throwing plenty of hookah parties, your wallet could benefit from our unbeatable warehouse prices. Shop for exclusive deals on charcoal and shisha products from our online store to get the best bang for your buck! Our bulk shisha section below boasts both quantity and quality, offering only the most popular and best-selling hookah products on the market. Save money on special packs and case quantities of charcoal and shisha products. Here at, you'll be able to save on your smoke shop favorites when you shop hookah in bulk.

Why should I buy bulk shisha tobacco?

When you shop shisha in bulk, you'll save a lot of money over the long term. You'll get a better deal on hookah tobacco, which can be especially helpful if you smoke a lot. You'll also get a more extensive variety of flavors. It is not recommended to reuse shisha tobacco after a smoke session, so it's essential for hookah lovers to stock up.

Should I buy charcoal in bulk?

There are many benefits when you shop bulk hookah charcoal. Every time you smoke, you'll have to use several pieces of charcoal. And at the end of the day, it adds up. When you buy hookah charcoal in bulk, you'll have a larger supply when needed. You get better deals when you shop for bulk priced hookah charcoal and get more in quantity.

Does shisha tobacco go bad?

When you shop hookah in bulk, you're probably worried about the shisha going bad. As long as your tobacco is stored properly, you should experience little to no issues. After opening shisha tobacco, it can last anywhere from six to 12 months or longer as long as it is properly stored. Technically, the shisha doesn't "go bad," but it can lose flavor and weaken over time. This will cause it to burn faster, resulting in faster hookah sessions. When using the proper storage techniques, your shisha will be fine to use and retain its flavor.

How can I make my shisha last longer during a smoke session?

When smoking hookah, there's an art form to making your sessions last longer. If you put too much heat on your tobacco, the shisha will burn too fast. And if you pack your bowl with too much shisha, it will burn. Packing your bowl the right way is key in a longer-lasting hookah session. Packing it loosely will allow for proper airflow. When packed too tightly, there is less airflow, and you'll get less smoke. Additionally, the top layer of tobacco will simply burn, leaving the bottom layer untouched. This shortens your session and wastes a lot of product. To make the most out of your sessions, check out our guide here.

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