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Keep Molasses in Control with an AO Molasses Catcher

Keep Molasses in Control with an AO Molasses Catcher

By double allen / January 4, 2023

Hookah enthusiasts out there know that shisha, soaked in all that delicious molasses, can be a mess once it heats up, BUT it’s where all of the flavor lives! 

When smoking a hookah, charcoal is used to heat up the shisha and volatilize the sugars, molasses and flavoring that is surrounding the tobacco leaves (or the sugar cane/tea leaves for non-tobacco shisha). Once that molasses is hot it becomes very fluid and can leak down the bowl stem, into the stem itself, and in some cases, into the base. For one, this can become a mess; but more bothersome, this can cause the flavor or smoke of your hookah session to taste ‘harsh’. Even with a phunnel style bowl molasses can sometimes “boil over” into the center spire, although it’s not very common. Using a molasses catcher can help alleviate the problem of leaking molasses for any style bowl you want to use for your shisha.

AO Molasses Catcher broken down into individual pieces

The AO Molasses Catcher is made from stainless steel and breaks apart for easy cleaning. Within the top and bottom pieces is a removable rubber stopper which keeps any molasses that’s gone rogue into the catcher, and it also doubles as the grommet to make a seal onto your hookah. After you have your hookah set up, slide on the molasses catcher onto your bowl stem and top it off with your bowl. The AO Molasses Catcher will work with any hookah that has a male-fitting bowl stem, which is most common. You can also use any hookah bowl of choice. 

AO Molasses Catcher installed onto a hookah assembly

No matter what hookah you may have, you can find an AO Molasses Catcher that matches your color scheme. A molasses catcher can really up your game. You’ll be keeping all of the flavor in your smoke and not down your hookah stem! Not to mention, it’ll make cleaning your hookah a lot easier.

Line up of available color options for the AO Molasses Catcher

Have you used a molasses catcher before? If so, let us know your experience in the comments!

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