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The Best Shisha Tobacco Mixes in 2024

The Best Shisha Tobacco Mixes in 2024

By christophanes / April 27, 2020

I like big bowls, and I cannot lie. You other smokers can't deny when you sit down to a bowl with big taste, and clouds of smoke before your face, you get sprung. While single flavor bowls are fine for pedestrian smokers, the more adventurous like to mix it up by combining flavors of shisha for a virtually unlimited number of personalized custom blends.

Many customers ask us daily about popular mixes, and many more submit their own. In this latest HookahLove blog, we've gathered some of our personal favorites and some customer created blends to get you started.

Red Baron: 1/3 Cinnamon, 1/3 Licorice, 1/3 Mint blended together

Bahraini Apple Blossom: 1/2 Al Fakher's Golden Bahraini Apple, 1/2 Romman Vanilla, blended together

Cinnamon Roll: 1/2 Cinnamon, 1/2 Vanilla, blended together

"Power Puff": 1/2 Pomegranate, 1/2 Peach (Sent to us by Andrew)

Orange Mocha Frappucino: 1/2 Orange, 1/2 Frappuccino (Sent to us by Rob)

Peachberry: 1/2 Raspberry, 1/2 Peach, blended (Try it with wine and citrus fruit peel in the base!)

Dr. Pepper: 1/2 Plum, 1/2 Cola, blended together

Clint's Mix: 1/3 Cherry, 1/3 Vanilla, blended on a layer of 1/3 Mint at the bottom (Sent to us by Clint)

Strawberry Chocolate Cake: Layer Strawberry on top, chocolate in the middle, and Cinnamon on bottom

These 'flava flavs' won't be anyone's enemy - have a specifically succulent synthesis of shisha to share? Send it in, or post it as a comment to this blog!

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