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How To: Do Hookah Smoke Tricks

How To: Do Hookah Smoke Tricks

By danny / March 14, 2014

This blog was last updated 07/10/2023

One of the most fun things to do while enjoying a nice hookah session is to try out some fancy smoke tricks. It all starts with the most basic of hookah smoke tricks, the good old fashioned smoke ring. 

Different Types Of Advanced Hookah Smoke Tricks

Once you have mastered the smoke ring (or even if you haven't) you can move on to the more advanced/impressive tricks such as "Cheerios" , "Ghosts" , "Jellyfish" , "The Smoke Tornado", and more. Check out the videos and gifs below for lots of demonstrations. All of the videos and images below come directly from you, the hookah community, and were found on the r/hookah subreddit. Enjoy!


The Jellyfish Smoke Ring

Jellyfish Hookah Smoke Ring Trick  


The Smoke Tornado

Smoke Tornado Hookah Smoke Trick  


Cheerios Smoke Rings & Smoke Tornado

Cheerios Smoke Rings and Smoke Tornado Hookah Smoke Trick  


Sharing is Caring

Multi Person Hookah Smoke Trick  


A Tall Glass of Hookah Smoke (note: using a chilled glass works best for this one)


This Has Some of the Most Insane Smoke Rings


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