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Hookah Tobacco Review: Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco - Absolute Zero

Hookah Tobacco Review: Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco - Absolute Zero

By Jono / November 15, 2010

Did you ever see the gum commercials (way back in the day) when the person chewing gum would breathe and turn everything around it to ice?  I really don't think they were chewing gum. After doing a little hookah research, I figured out their secret; They had to have been smoking Social Smoke Absolute Zero hookah tobacco! To tell you Absolute Zero is minty would be the understatement of the year! This stuff will clear your sinuses! Having a slightly spearmint gum aftertaste along with a cool minty "yowza" zest, Social Smoke Absolute Zero hookah tobacco is one of the most intense mint hookah flavors I've ever smoked. I can't imagine how intense this would taste with an ice chamber! You just might suffer from a brain freeze if you're not careful! Even though there seems to be a spearmint aftertaste, it's mild. Absolute Zero is more of a true mint than spearmint. And you'll get some seriously thick clouds of smoke from Absolute Zero as well! If you like mint, prepare yourself! I have to give this hookah flavor a 10 out of 10! I'm blown away! And that doesn't happen every day. Social Smoke Absolute Zero hookah tobacco will probably always be in my hookah collection, right next to Starbuzz Blue Mist, Starbuzz Pina Colada, Al Tawareg Triple Apple, and Al Tawareg Orange Cream. Give it a try and let us know what you think by leaving comments below! Happy Smoking!

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