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How to Store Your Shisha Tobacco

How to Store Your Shisha Tobacco

By seamus / November 26, 2008
An often overlooked but vitally important part to maintaining flavor and quality of smoke from your shisha tobacco is to make sure that it is stored properly.  A freshly opened box or bag of shisha, if properly stored, has an approximate shelf life of around six months. The shisha will never technically "go bad," but after a certain point it will begin to lose flavor and no longer be at its peak.

Hookah Tobacco Storage Options


Shisha Tobacco Storage Containers

There are several options when it comes to proper shisha storage.

A simple plastic air-tight container is cheap, portable, and easy to clean; and you can find them almost anywhere (your probably have some in your house already). For added protection, you can place the shisha inside a ziplock sandwich bag before putting it into the plastic container.

You also want to make sure that the container is stored at room temperature, approximately 74° Fahrenheit (23° Celsius), and away from any direct sunlight. Exposure to air and light will reduce the shelf life of the shisha by drying it out and changing its chemical composition, so make sure it’s stored in a dark, dry place.  

The plastic shisha jar from Mya is the next step up in shisha storage. This jar is closed air-tight with a metal clamp lid, for extra security. The Mya jar also holds more shisha than most plastic Tupperware-style containers, a full 300 grams of your favorite tobacco flavor, and is more durable than the plastic container.  

A glass shisha jar represents the utmost in proper shisha storage. Glass is less porous than plastic, which means less air and bacteria will be able to get inside the glass jar. This keeps the shisha at its optimal level for much longer. A glass jar is heavier and harder to transport than a plastic container or jar, but the glass jar will keep the shisha fresh and tasty for much longer. 

Whatever you do, do not freeze your shisha. While this may seem like a good storage option in theory, freezing will actually dry the tobacco out and disturb the delicate oils and compounds that give the shisha its delicious flavor.   Many a squirrel has fallen victim to the rigors of winters because they spent too much time scurrying around, fighting over every nut they could find and not properly securing the nuts they did have to stand up to the elements. Don't wind up out in the cold; make sure all your shisha is properly stored like they were your nuts!

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