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How to Get Huge Clouds with Your Kaloud Vitria Bowl

How to Get Huge Clouds with Your Kaloud Vitria Bowl

By Joe Perin / May 13, 2016

Kaloud Vitria Header

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl is one of the latest and greatest hookah bowls to hit the market, and with good reason: it takes the durability of silicone for the exterior and a heavy duty glass insert for the actual bowl interior. Their powers combined form one heck of a bowl! The glass insert evenly cooks the shisha to give you great flavor, and the silicone makes the bowl safe to handle even in the middle of a session. The Vitria bowl may look fancy, but no fancy tricks or hookah magic is needed to smoke this bowl to its full potential! The Vitria is actually one of the simpler bowls to prepare and pull massive clouds from.

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Loading the Vitria Bowl

When we first got the Vitria bowl we would remove the glass insert to pack shisha, but we've found that isn't necessary. We recommend loading the Vitria bowl with the glass insert in the silicone sleeve, this will save time and the hassle of trying to squeeze that insert back in without ruining your perfectly packed bowl!

Kaloud Vitria Packing Method

When packing that perfect bowl - fill that thing up! No need to worry about getting the shisha deep down in the glass grooves, pack it up to the rim of the glass insert or to the start of the silicone. The weight of a Kaloud Lotus  will push the shisha down, and throughout the session your shisha will fill into the grooves as you smoke. Since you don't need to pack the shisha densely, reasons why we call this bowl a shisha saver!

How to get the most with Heat

Haze Tobacco Inside Kaloud Vitria

Get creative and play around with your heat: some shisha brands can handle greater amounts of heat and are sometimes best enjoyed with extra heat! We tend to over-pack our Vitria bowls when smoking shisha tobacco brands like Haze, Nirvana, Nakhla, and some Starbuzz flavors. Certain brands and flavors of shisha will be extra juicy, we recommend making sure the particularly juicy clumps of shisha are at the bottom of your Vitria bowl, so they don't burn and cake onto the bottom of your Lotus.

Heat Management Kaloud Vitria

The charcoals you use and how many you use depend on how much heat you want - if you're using one of those high heat brands of shisha or a different brand. We typically use three flat Titanium natural hookah charcoals, with a fourth lit on stand-by just in case. You can also mix it up using cube coals (large size) with two cube coals and one flat, or one flat and three cube coals with the Lotus lid off. Once the coals heat up the Lotus and that glass insert gets nice and hot, you should be all set till you need to bring in a second round of coals.

So now your bowl is packed, the hookah is ready, and you've got coals in your Kaloud Lotus and it's sitting on the Vitria bowl. You may be tempted to start smoking right away, but WAIT! Let the Lotus heat up and start cooking the shisha. Give it a good five minutes till you take your first pulls. Once you feel everything has had enough time to warm up, pull away and enjoy!

Cleaning your Vitria Bowl

So now you've enjoyed a pleasant hookah session using your Kaloud Vitria bowl, and its time to clean up. DO NOT take your still hot Vitria bowl and run it under water! The same goes with any hot hookah bowl; extreme changes in temperature can reduce the life of your bowl, if not break it outright. The Vitria bowl is more durable than your average bowl, but you still want to make it last as long as possible. Once you finish your session, take the coals out (put them on an ash tray or coal carrier) and let the Lotus and Vitria cool down for a while before rinsing them out with warm water. You only need to remove the glass insert for a fruit head bowl, and it is suggested that you keep everything in tact during the cleaning phase.

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