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How To: Keep Your Lotus Clean

How To: Keep Your Lotus Clean

This blog was last updated 06/28/2023

The device that changed the game can sometimes look like a device that could bring an end to your hookah session. Leaving too much burnt shisha on your Lotus can hinder its performance and alter the taste in your session. Let’s prevent that, shall we.

How To Keep Your Kaloud Lotus Clean

Kaloud Lotus, Lotus II, Lotus III and Lotus III Stainless Steel heat management devices

What Are We Working With?

The Kaloud Lotus was designed to give a you clean and crisp flavor by shielding you from the unwanted charcoal taste. It’s a very effective product which is why it’s easily our most popular hookah accessory. This simple yet intricate piece is easy to use and even easier to manage when in use, but it’s what you do at the end of your session that may have the biggest impact.

The general rule: Don't let your Lotus shisha char build up, keep it clean after each session.

Do You Have Time?

Are you going from one bowl to another? If so we understand; it’s party o’clock and you’re just trying to get your bowl on.

Let’s start things off by removing any charcoal from inside the body of the Lotus and if you’re looking at dust, give it a quick hover over with your hand to gauge the heat. Embers can be enders, so be careful when disposing your charcoal.

  • If your Lotus is hot: If possible, wait for the device to cool down. Can’t wait? Then carefully use flat style tongs, slide them into the side vents of the Lotus to lift up and remove it, and dump any excess ash into your coal tray or charcoal holder. While it’s still warm try to remove as much shisha from the underside as possible. Shisha can become harder to remove once water is added.

  • If your lotus is warm/cold: Still take caution until you know you can’t be burned and then begin removing any shisha from the underside. Since it’s not blazing hot, you’ll have more elbow grease but, under no circumstance, should you use a sharp object or electric tool to remove any shisha.

Can You Wash A Kaloud Lotus?

Absolutely! This thing holds coals/ash and frequently has shisha on the underside, so it’s gonna get dirty.

Warm/hot water is all you’ll need for this device, so put down the soap and don’t go to the hardware shop. If you’re washing this heat manager before a use, make sure to remove any excess water from the interior before placing your coals inside. Small puddles can be the end of your session and also put off a weird taste.

Sidenote: If you’re using a cloth to dry the Lotus be on the lookout for small pieces of fabric that may fall off onto the device. You’ll know if this happens because it stinks. If you’re planning, ahead rinse it in advance and let it dry without the use of drying towels.

Illustration of water coming from the tap

What If The Shisha Doesn't Come Off?

You went too far! Luckily, there may be some hope for you, but this shouldn’t be an everyday thing.

Here’s what you’ll need: a butter/small container, really hot water, and maybe a Brillo pad or doublesided sponge. The butter container is kind of specific but we promise those little containers and others like them are the perfect size for what you need.

You’ll fill the container with extremely hot water, but not boiling, and use caution. Let it soak for 30-60 minutes before taking it out with tongs, in case it’s hot still.

The hardened pieces should be super soft now and it’s your moment to attack. Use you fingers first before switching to anything abrasive as you’ll be surprised at how easy the pieces come off. It’s ok to soak it one more time if need be. Put the knife and chisel down.

Small Tubberware contains and stack of two-sided sponges

"I Dropped It On The Carpet!"

Here’s a link to a new one buddy as it’s the end of that show. Discontinue use of any Kaloud Lotus if there is anything besides shisha stuck on it, even if your friend says “I like scrapped it all off and now it works.” 

If there is one thing to remember with a Kaloud Lotus it's clean often will save you in the long run. You may reach a point where you have to go through multiple soak sessions to restore the glory, but after that following the tips in the blog should prevent you from heavy soaking in the future. This blog will be here forever so reference it when needed or pass it to a friend with a dirty lotus.

What's your lotus look like?

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