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Creating The Perfect Mazaj Hookah Bowl Session

Creating The Perfect Mazaj Hookah Bowl Session

By SmokeOrPass / May 18, 2016

Kaloud Vitria Header

Last week we talked about how-to maximize the cloud output of your Kaloud Vitria hookah bowl, and now we're ramping up the heat again with these new Mazaj bowls. The Arabic word "Mazaj" means "Good Mood" and we've been pretty happy that it was crafted with 100% borosilicate glass. This means that these bowls were built to take heat, and a lot of it, thanks to the high temperature tolerance of this premium quality glass. You may be thinking to yourself, "wait, aren't all bowls built for high heat?" Theoretically, you're correct, but how many bowls on the market have a cylindrical interior with an octagonal exterior designed for heat management? *The answer is at the bottom of this page.

This bowl can be used with many of our heat management devices like the Kaloud Lotus, but today we'll be using some good 'ole hookah foil which could also be used with a flavor saver. The bowl stands 4" tall with a diameter that falls a little shy of 3", that's less than the width of the Lotus but they can still work together for an enjoyable session. The underside of the bowl contains a medium gauge opening, and our recommendation for grommets would be an Egyptian or mod bowl grommet depending on you stem's bowl port.

How-we Load The Mazaj Bowls

The Mazaj bowl varies between looking like a medium sized hookah bowl and a gargantuan shisha guzzler. We might not classify the Mazaj bowl as a superior shisha saver because you'll be in the range of consuming 25-35 grams of shisha tobacco per session, but that all depends on how YOU like to smoke. There is no slope within the base interior of the bowl but it still prevents any excess shisha juice from entering your stem, while providing you with a full flavor experience. The phunnel bowl design leaves only a single air channel for smoke to travel through, and this medium gauged spire rest lower than the surrounding edges to provide you with most optimal airflow.

Kaloud Vitria Packing Method

You have five color options to choose from, and they all provide a slight x-ray view of the interior of the bowl. This can make bowl preparation very easy because you can see if there are any weak spots that could use more shisha before applying any heat management devices. During our loading phase we fill the bowl to the leveled surrounding edge line, while allowing for as much airflow between the shisha as possible. Our suggested packing method doesn't really put any emphasis on making sure that the shisha touches the bottom, as long as every side looks like the above picture we call it complete.

Use Your Edges, That's What They're For!

Haze Tobacco Inside Kaloud Vitria

Once you have all the shisha you want to smoke inside the Mazaj, now it's time to think about what kind of heat we want on top of this bowl. The Borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating the glass, so high heat smokers can rejoice with those cloudy overpack bowls. The octagon exterior allows for a neat and snug fit for your tin foil to wrap around; during this demonstration and most other foil sessions we use Halo Hookah Foil. Most of us have been taught to give the foil a tight pull in order to achieve a drum fit tightness, that is not the case with the Mazaj. We recommend using a gentle amount of pressure and use your thumb to lock in the seal, the glass edges can tear the tin foil with too much force.

We've used several coal configurations with this bowl: max heat with four cube coals, and also mixing sizes like 2 cube coals with 1 or 2 flat coals. The hard glass edges make this an easy process with a sturdy foundation, and once the glass warms up then so will the underside of bowl. The combination of these forces of heat will provide killer clouds, and with proper heat management your session should exceed 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on your shisha portions.

 We used Titanium natural hookah charcoals for many of our session,  but we've heard that the Coco Ultimate coals are perfect for this bowl. Using our recommended preparation steps with your Mazaj bowls will lead to a great session, but - as you can see in the above photo - it will also leave you with a fully cooked bowl. The heat will continue to move through your loosely packed shisha and give the bottom layer the finishing blow, if that foundation layer is too dense you may still have wet shisha at the end of your session.  The heat transfers very well through the bowl which means you should take caution before removing the bowl from your hookah, as always let it cool down before rinsing with warm water. If you have any excess shisha juice burned onto the bowl, any rough textured sponge should knock out any visual marks.

Are You In A Mazaj

We hope this blog helps you make an informed decision about the Mazaj hookah bowl, and we would love to hear your feedback. You can leave a comment below to start the conversation on any blog post, and we will gladly help. Thanks for reading, the answer is MAZAJ!

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