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How To Make Your Hookah Last Longer

How To Make Your Hookah Last Longer

By Katie / May 13, 2014
For many people, their first experiences with a hookah are at a hookah lounge. They fall in love, and end up purchasing their own hookah, only to realize that they aren't getting as good of smoke or as long of a bowl! It's kind of like how you can never get your hair to look like it did when you first got it cut and the person at the barber shop styles it for you. Not to worry, smoking hookah is way easier than looking fly - just follow these simple tips, and your at-home hookah will far surpass your local hookah spot.

How To Pick The Best Shisha

  Often times the best clouds, and the longest lasting shisha bowls will come from the 'wettest' shisha. This means that there is more glycerin and molasses coating the tobacco leaves, which extends the burn life when smoking. Some of the best brands of shisha that will give you the longest bowls include Starbuzz Shisha, Fumari Shisha, and Tangiers Shisha. This shisha buying guide will help you simplify, and navigate the wide variety that we offer.

How To Pick The Best Hookah Bowl

There are quite a wide variety of hookah bowls to choose from, and while they are all technically similar, each one can offer you something different. A Vortex or Phunnel bowl are the best options when looking for a longer hookah smoking session; this is because the design allows for the shisha juices to stay in the bowl, and not escape out holes on the bottom. As we said, more juice = more smoke. This helpful shisha bowl guide can give you some direction on how to select the perfect bowl.  

How To Pack Your Shisha Correctly

The key to packing most* bowls of shisha is a loose pack in order to allow for airflow. If the shisha is packed too tightly, then there is less airflow, and less smoke. Additionally, the top layer of the shisha will simply burn, leaving the bottom layer untouched - thus shortening your session.

*When smoking Tangiers Tobacco, it is recommended to pack your shisha more tightly due to the cut and curation of this shisha.




How To Correctly Use Hookah Charcoal

Whether you use natural hookah charcoal, or quick-lite coals you are going to want to make sure that they are thoroughly heated all the way through until they turn an ashy gray. A well lit coal will burn through its entire life, and make your hookah session longer. Additionaly managing the heat on the bowl is essential. Wind Covers are a great way to trap heat and extend the life of the hookah coals. The Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System is also a superb way to prevent your shisha from burning, and make it easier for you to manage your coals. Also, placing the coals around the edge of the bowl, rather than right in the middle, can help equally distribute the heat. Poking even, small holes along the surface area of your hookah foil can also help with this.

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