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Shisha Review: Fantasia Shisha Tobacco - Blueberry Splash

Shisha Review: Fantasia Shisha Tobacco - Blueberry Splash

By Jono / May 21, 2011

When it comes to blueberry flavored shisha, there are only a few flavors that I hold in such high regard enough to recommend to others without batting an eye. For a while, my only response to the question , 'what is the best blueberry flavor' has been Fumari Blueberry Muffin. But yesterday, the mighty thrown was toppled by Fantasia Blueberry Splash shisha tobacco. The competition is going to have to seriously step up its game! I personally think Fantasia should make little aroma-filled necklaces that dangle the sweet scent of Blueberry Splash under our noses. They should also make women's perfume from this stuff! I think you're starting to get the notion that Fantasia Blueberry Splash smells gloriously delicious! And the taste is insanely amazing! Blueberry Splash is so smooth and buttery, as if your taste buds dreamed up the most amazing blueberry flavor and brought it to life. I'm sold, and you will be too with one hookah session. Fantasia Blueberry Splash may very well be the last blueberry flavored shisha tobacco you will ever smoke.  Not because the apocalypse is happening today, but because it's so good you won't go back. Let us know what you think about Fantasia Blueberry Splash shisha tobacco by posting on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you, whoever is still here!  Happy Smoking friends/survivors!

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