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The Perfect Mya Hookah Collection

The Perfect Mya Hookah Collection

By Katie / September 18, 2014

Are you a hookah collector? Many of our employees have extensive hookah collections. A few of the staff members at Hookah-Shisha are avid fans of Mya hookahs. This got us to thinking – what would be the perfect collection of Mya hookahs? We polled our employees and this is what we came up with!

Best Small Mya Hookah


Mya QT Hookah– The QT is hands down the most popular small Mya hookah we have on our website. For the size, it produces mammoth clouds! It is also incredibly easy to clean. Considering that it comes with its own carrying cage, the QT is also perfect for travel. A good alternate to the QT is the Mya Bambino, which comes with a full carrying case!

Best Large Mya Hookah


Mya Acrylic Hookah - The Mya Acrylic offers an interlocking threaded base and stem connection so there is no risk of the base detaching while moving the hookah and the base itself is composed of durable acrylic making this hookah nearly fool proof! This is great for those hookah smokers with clumsy friends.

Best Mya Econo Hookah


Mya Econo Gelato Hookah– The EconoGelato hookahs are the best choice for hookah smokers on a tight budget. Standing at 13 inches tall, this little hookah packs quite a punch! It’s available in 8 different colors and is a terrific alternative to the regular Mya Gelato hookah.

Best Crystal Mya Hookah


Mya Quadrus Hookah– This 20 inch beauty will stand proudly as a centerpiece in any living room. The one of a kind crystal clear base beautifully complements the twisted crystal stem – which is conveniently available in gold (brass) or silver (stainless steel). This hookah is perfect for group smoke sessions or flying solo in style.

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