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Lavoo Hookahs

Lavoo FAQ

Welcome to the luxurious world of hand-blown glass hookahs by Lavoo. Lavoo glass hookahs are highly detailed pieces of art infused in modern design with traditional functionality and include a variety of unique features with each hookah. Highly skilled glass-blowing artists using premium quality, thick glass hand-craft each Lavoo hookah with optimal performance, reliable functionality, and even sense style in mind. Offering a variety of hookahs ranging from low-profile, tabletop models to 2+ feet tall works of art, Lavoo is the answer for all you hookah connoisseurs seeking incredibly smooth inhales, sharp shisha flavor, and a level of elegance only made possible through hand-blown glass.

Where are Lavoo hookahs made? 

Each Lavoo glass hookah is handmade with care in the USA!

How do I clean a Lavoo glass hookah? 

Since every single piece of a Lavoo is glass, you will need to be extremely careful when handling and cleaning your hookah. The glass down can be cleaned using a stem a thin shaft brush with warm water and soap (or lemon juice). Due to the unique designs of Lavoos, it can be difficult to clean inside the base using a standard cleaning brush. To easily and effectively clean the inside of your Lavoo, we recommend using Bling! hookah cleaning solution; no brush required! For more information about hookah care and maintenance, check out our blog here.

Which bases are compatible with Lavoo hookahs? 

Lavoo hookahs are not compatible with any third-party glass base. Each model requires the model-specific glass base made by Lavoo.

What comes with a Lavoo hookah? 

Each all-glass Lavoo hookah comes with the glass hookah itself, a glass down stem, a glass purge valve, a glass hookah bowl, and a washable hookah hose. Since this hookah is all glass, grommets are not typically needed (with a few rare exceptions).





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