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Hookah Charcoal Holder FAQ

Whether you need to carry your hot hookah charcoal from your burner to your hookah bowl or just want a safe place to dump your ashes after your session is over, our hookah charcoal holders and carriers can handle it all. They are made using heat-resistant materials that can easily stand up to lit coals while providing a built-in handle that stays plenty cool enough to handle, and some may even have a place to hang your tongs! Whether you're smoking at home or running a hookah lounge, dropping a piece of charcoal means risking burning you, your floor, your couch, and more, so make sure to play it safe with a charcoal holder.

How do I use a hookah charcoal holder? 

Hookah charcoal holders provide a heat-safe metal dish that allows you to store, carry, or hold lit charcoal. Place this dish inside the included "frame" to fully assemble your hookah coal holder. All you need to do is place your lit charcoal gently in this dish and you're ready to carry it around! Always try to hold your charcoal holder as level as possible to avoid any accidental coal spills. Some models will also allow you to hang your tongs off of a built-in hookah for convenience.

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