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Hookah Cleaning Supplies FAQ

Cleaning your hookah setup after every session is critical in ensuring your shisha flavors taste fresh as well as helping contribute to a longer life for your pipe. This is why we have put together a specialized collection of cleaning products that'll help you maintain every piece of your hookah. From hookah stem and base brushes to crystallized cleaning solutions, you can shop all the hookah cleaning supplies you'll ever need right here at Hookah-Shisha.

How do I clean a hookah? 

Our hookah packages include a shaft cleaning brush, and additional cleaning supplies can be purchased separately. Using this stem brush and mild dish soap or lemon juice, scrub the inside of your hookah stem from either end and rinse thoroughly for everyday cleaning. For a deeper clean, you can check out our go-to deep cleaning solution called Bling!. Check out our blog to learn more about how to clean and maintain your hookah.

How do I clean a hookah base? 

For a lighter clean, scrub the inside of your glass base using a base brush, water, and dish soap. Rinse thoroughly once clean with water to make sure all traces of soap are completely rinsed out of your base. For a deeper clean, there are cleaning products that do not require a brush such as Bling! hookah cleaning solution. Be careful not to "temperature shock" your base by going from cold to hot, or vice-versa, as this can cause the glass to stress and break. Check out our blog for a more detailed guide to cleaning your hookah base.

How often should I clean my hookah? 

We recommend cleaning your hookah with a stem brush and mild cleaning solution like dish soap or lemon juice after every session. Use tougher products like Bling! hookah cleaning solution once a month, or as needed on a case by case basis, to achieve a deeper clean.

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