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Hookah Mouth Tips FAQ

It's important to keep all pieces of your hookah clean, and that especially goes for when you're smoking with others! Sharing germs on the end of a hookah hose is never fun and is the reason we carry a wide variety of sanitary hookah mouth tips ranging from inside-fitting tips, dual-sided mouth tips, and even candy-coated hookah tips for an added boost of flavor!

Which mouth tips will work with my hookah hose? 

If you are using a silicone hookah hose, you will most likely need to use an inside-fitting mouth tip like the Jumbo hookah tips. For other hoses that may feature a wood handle with a smaller, metal mouthpiece - like the classic MYA hookah hose - an outside-fitting tip is what you need. We also carry "dual-sided" mouth tips that act as both an inside and outside fitting option and are compatible across a wide variety of hookah hoses. Want to make sure the tips you're getting will fit your hose? Reach out to our friendly customer service team and we'll be happy to assist.

How do I use a hookah mouth tip? 

Depending on the style of your hose and mouth tip, you will either insert the mouth tip into the end of the hose or attach it around the outside of the hose tip. When inhaling, this plastic mouth tip is where you will put your mouth. When your turn to smoke is over, remove your plastic mouth tip from your hose before passing it to the next person. NEVER share a mouth tip with someone as that defeats its purpose; everyone in your group should have their own tip.

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